Common queries about Dr Iris Wang’s practices

Is a referral letter from the GP necessary?

A referral letter from your GP indicates that a trained family physician feels your condition requires specialist attention and that he or she feels Iris is the suitable doctor for your condition. From a practical aspect, Medicare provides a higher rebate to you for the specialist fees you pay if you have a letter of referral.

Is there anywhere to park?

Iris’ office in Chatswood is very close to Chatswood Chase and its car park. There are also many metered street parking spots nearby.

The Burwood office is close to Burwood Westfield and its car park. There are also street parking spots nearby.

What should I bring to the first visit?

Please bring any referral letters, test results, scans and their reports to your first visit.

Can I come for my appointment if I am having a period?

If you are experiencing your period, please ring Iris’ office to check whether the appointment needs to be rescheduled as occasionally a pelvic examination has to be done in the first visit. Iris’ secretary Angela will always try to fit you in as soon as possible after your period.

What if I change my mind or cannot make it to my appointment?

It is totally understandable that individual circumstances can change. If you no longer need the scheduled appointment, we do appreciate a courtesy call as soon as possible.

How long will I be kept waiting?

Iris tries extremely hard not to keep patients waiting. Please accept her apologies if there are circumstances beyond her control. Sometimes extra patients need to be fitted in for emergencies, a delivery needs to be attended to, or someone’s clinical condition unexpectedly required a longer consultation time.