Embryo Selection

Advanced embryo selection

What is advanced embryo selection?

Advanced embryo selection is a new specialist method of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), used to treat couples who are otherwise unlikely to conceive or carry a healthy baby to term.

It is done as part of the IVF process, and involves screening all the chromosomes in embryos as they develop in the laboratory. Scientists can then select the embryo that has the greatest chance of developing into a healthy pregnancy, before transfer to the uterus.

The majority of embryos created, whether naturally or through IVF, are chromosomally abnormal and have no chance of developing into a healthy pregnancy. Advanced embryo selection is an innovative new method for couples or women where the risk of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality is high.

How are embryos selected?

Your eggs are fertilised in the lab and allowed to form embryos, as in IVF treatment, before the developing embryos can be screened.

On the third day of the embryos’ development, a single cell is removed from each one. These cells are screened with advanced 24Sure Array CGH (comparative genomic hybridisation) technology. The DNA from each cell’s nucleus is multiplied thousands of times. It is then placed on a DNA chip, and compared to normal male and female DNA. Scientists are able to detect chromosomal errors, and select an embryo with a normal chromosome profile for transfer.

Importantly, this technology is quick. You will have your results within 24 hours, which means your IVF cycle can continue as normal, and the selected embryo can be transferred in the blastocyst stage – the optimum stage for implantation.

IVFAustralia has the only clinic in NSW that uses this breakthrough PGD technology.

Common queries about advanced embryo selection

How successful is advanced embryo selection?

Advanced embryo selection has been shown to increase the pregnancy rate for IVF, but rates are affected by the reason you have decided to undergo it as a treatment. Often, candidates for advanced embryo selection have had failed attempts at IVF or miscarriages in the past – sometimes this may mean they are simply unable to have a child. If you are facing this situation, advanced embryo selection gives you a fair chance of conceiving and many babies have been born this way since the treatment was introduced at IVFAustralia.

Am I suitable for advanced embryo selection?

Advanced embryo selection is a specialist treatment option usually recommended for women aged 38 or older, especially if:

  • you have a history of recurrent miscarriage,
  • you have had repeated failure with IVF or
  • you have previously had a chromosomally abnormal pregnancy, such as a child born with Down syndrome.

For more information about advanced embryo transfer, see the IVFAustralia website.