Elective “C-section”

Dr. Wang has always maintained a willingness to carry out elective “C-sections” for patients if they have considered their situations carefully before deciding on an elective “C-section”.  However, the benefit of many years of clinical practice is the accumulation of experience not provided by medical textbooks.  It is Dr. Wang’s experience that the majority of women request elective C-sections for two reasons: “the fear of the unknown” and /or “the need to be in control”. Sometimes patients return for their subsequent pregnancies having regrets about the decision for an “elective C-section” they made the first time.  Unfortunately, it is harder to achieve a successful vaginal delivery after a previous C-section (see below).

Whilst doctors do not have a magical pill to correct these genuine emotional concerns, Dr. Wang would always have a detailed discussion with those making the request regarding the pros and cons. Most importantly, the patient’s final decision will be respected.

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